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Planning that lasts.

We provide business owners with strategies that manage risk while remaining focused on long-term planning and business value growth.

In today's complex economic environment, ground is not just hard to gain, it is hard to hold. A well-conceived plan can help maximize the value of the business under a broad range of foreseeable circumstances.

From attracting and retaining employees to planning for the eventual transfer of your business to its next generation ownership, we help owners and other key stakeholders formulate and reformulate plans that sometimes take years to implement and unfold. 

At Planning Alliance, our advisors and financial professionals will help you achieve your professional goals with holistic financial solutions that consider not only your personal professional goals, but also the aspirations of your employees.

Business Owner Challenges:

  • Competition for Top Talent
  • Succession Planning
  • Employee Burnout
  • Employee Retention
  • Cash-flow Management 

Business Owner Solutions:

Qualified and Non-Qualified Benefits

The employee benefit package that you decide to offer can provide valuable incentives and enhance the overall well-being of your employees. Our skilled business advisors have experience working with qualified plans, which are tax-deferred, and nonqualified plans, which use after-tax dollars. No matter the size of your company, our team can devise a custom-tailored benefit package that will satisfy the needs of your unique business.

Key Person
Retention Planning

The building blocks of any successful business are the people. Our advisors can show you financial strategies to incentivize your most irreplaceable personnel to turn their work for you from a job into a career that lasts. Our business advisors are skilled in crafting customized compensation and benefit packages for your most integral employees.

Business Continuity Planning

Whether your exit strategy already has a specific successor in mind, or the continuation of your business will be through other means, our advisors can guide you through these complex business decisions. We understand that you’ve worked hard to build your business and that you want to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Our firm has extensive, multi-disciplinary strategies that can help ensure the long-term continuity of your business.

Corporate Cash and Asset Plans

As a business owner, you are responsible for the management of your company’s assets and liabilities. Our firm is prepared to help you navigate the complexities of your business dealings. In conjunction with our ecosystem of trusted attorneys, tax professionals, and other institutional investment partners, our team is prepared to provide you with customized strategies to fortify your balance sheet and help you manage your cashflow.