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Insights on Defining Your Retirement

Insights on Defining Your Retirement

December 27, 2021

Ask Olympians how they made it to the Games, and they’ll tell you straight up: It took a lot of hard work.

Sure, they’ll say, raw talent played into it, but success in the long run took planning, preparation and years of tough training.

Sacrifice? A given. Coaching? Critical.

Well, it’s an identical story for those who thrive in retirement. They find success in the years following work not because they were lucky financially or because they learned as seniors to “get by with less.” Rather, they planned for this moment long in advance; they knew what they wanted and figured out how to get it.

So how can you do the same for yourself? You can start by imagining what your retirement might look like.

A New Take on Retirement Life

Retirement used to be defined as a time for slowing down. You’d stop working, the thinking went, and you could survive just by cutting a few expenses and by budgeting a bit for the occasional splurge.

That’s not the case now. Today, with life expectancy continuing to rise, the price of health care climbing, and questions around whether Social Security can possibly keep pace with the cost of living, a successful retirement takes significant planning. Fail to accumulate adequate savings, or to allocate your assets to create retirement income, and you may find yourself in a financial bind.

But here’s the thing: Failure doesn’t have to be an option. That planning, for one, is entirely doable with professional “coaching” from a financial representative. And there are actions that you can take at each phase of life to create or modify your saving strategy for retirement. Once you’re on the path to your defined retirement, you will be able to develop a retirement income plan that supports your retirement lifestyle goals.

It's Your Future

So what exactly is a redefined retirement? It’s a whole new way of thinking, where retirement no longer is about endings, but about new beginnings and promise for the future. It’s about the freedom that comes with being yourself and about following your dreams, no matter what.

Most of all, though, a redefined retirement is a matter of perspective and in your hands. It’s up to you to decide that you’re ready to start saving. It’s up to you to decide that Now is the time to map out what’s Next. Remember, the most important part of retiring is the simple act of planning for it. Even the world’s most talented athletes must have a plan if they want to win gold. If you want a place on the retirement income podium, this is it: A Redefined Retirement.

Are you interested in discussing what a redefined retirement could look like?

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